Steve has enjoyed a full career in the Royal Marines, having commanded units at all levels and completing his service as Commanding Officer RM Stonehouse in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.  He has deployed for disaster relief, exercises and training to many corners of the world. He particularly enjoyed three years spent selecting and training future generations of Royal Marines young officers, identifying the promise, and drawing out the capability.


As part of lifelong learning Steve has attended Staff Courses at different levels with all three services, culminating with the RAF Advanced Staff Course.  He has also tracked the introduction of civilian project management systems as they come into use in the MOD and associated civilian companies.

Lately Steve’s career has developed along two main tracks; UK policy and strategy development for the emergent Eastern European and Central Asian nations along with the FCO and DfID.  Work that laid the foundations for 10 nations to join NATO and the EU, and secured access to Afghanistan.  The second main area has been command of the Royal Marines home base managing facilities at eight barracks, including the major contracts for computer based HR services, Prime Contracting for estate maintenance and the introduction of the new defence IT architecture.  His consulting work in the last two years has achieved considerable successes for the NHS.

For the last 20 year Steve has also been a director of a private limited company with a growing commercial property portfolio.  He has recently taken a more active role increasing the profit by 25%.


Outside of work Steve is a trustee of a major West Country charity, a Common Purpose graduate, and is looking towards increasing participation as a mentor to young business people. He races high performance dinghies with his growing children, and has been known to enjoy a skiing holiday.

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