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With the arrival of a new Vice Chancellor & CEO in 2007, the University started on its ambitious journey of becoming ‘The Enterprise Univeristy’― well ahead of many of its peers given Government policy.

At the centre of this was the need to develop a new culture, a new mindset and a new way of doing things, and at the heart of this was the need to develop and implement a new understanding of leadership and an integrated leadership structure.

This project was under-taken by Tozer Consulting initially on a consulting basis and latterly with three members of Tozer Consulting hired as UoP fractional employees and others contracted as needed.

Over three years, Tozer Consulting’s work spanned:

  • Drafting and communicating the OD and leadership development plan
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Reshaping the HR view of the world – a change from almost exclusively an employee relations focus to one of OD and acting as a strategic enabler
  • Developing the internal organizational and leadership development team
  • Advising on HR business partnering and developing the consulting skills to enable line managers to have full ‘HR’ responsibility for their people, rather than abdicating this work to be done by HR
  • Developing a common leadership role profile to be used in recruitment and selection, learning and development, and performance management
  • Designing and delivering the Enterprise Enabling Leadership Development Programme, initially to the top 250, with the internal HR team increasing their responsibilities in this as time progressed and expertise was transferred

The Enterprise Enabling Leadership Development Programme comprised 4 modules:

  1. Leadership assessment centre, detailed debrief, personal development planning and 1:1 coaching (1 day)
  2. Leadership & Creating Clarity:  Leadership role & responsibilities, functions and styles of leadership, levels of leadership, problem solving & decision making, planning & briefing, integrated leadership structure, organization structure and defining role relationships, aligning accountability with authority (3 days)
  3. Strategic planning workshops for business unit management teams leading to  briefings and cascade of planning to department and team level for execution (2 days)
  4. Developing Self & Others: Personality & the drivers of human behaviour, emotional intelligence, communication, coaching, feedback & performance management  (4 days)

This major culture change was the subject of a full academic research project by SERIO which proved its success and a significant return on investment. Its success has led to the cascade of Modules 2 and 4 to all junior leaders and elements of those modules to all staff. 

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