Project Leadership

Why should project leadership involve a different set of leadership practices, tools and behaviour than strategy execution, change and transformation, or indeed routine day-to-day leadership? 

There is no good reason providing that all leadership activity that is intended to achieve a defined outcome uses a rigorous, scalable and practical suite of integrated project planning and delivery disciplines combined with insights into human nature and the drivers of behaviour is.

We will equip your leaders with the suite of tools that they need for the iterative and recurring cycle of problem-solving and decision-making, planning and briefing, risk management, programme reporting and governance, and so on —practices and behaviour which can stand alone, or which considerably enhance any existing project management methodologies .  In this respect, we can help clients to develop a programme management office (PMO) that is fit for purpose.

Not only will we develop your project leaders’ capability and develop their confidence, we will link this directly to the scoping, planning and launch of projects to ensure that projects are initiated with the fullest clarity of what is required, why and how, and with a high level of momentum.   If required, we will also oversee the leadership of projects, and provide the required consulting or coaching support, until project delivery and sign off.

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