Qualitative and Quantitative Impact: Return on Investment

We know that our approach works and our advice adds value — as do our clients — but to convince new potential clients of our ability to improve business performance, we put our money where our mouth is.

We GUARANTEE to meet agreed joint measures of success and we will link our fees to these joint measures and joint commitments. In most types of engagements this can include achieving a financial return well in excess of your investment in fees — a return in terms of money, resources and time saved, revenue generated, productivity and profit increased and so on.  We are happy to discuss this in more detail.

Our case studies of success will build your confidence that when we partner with a client to develop or execute strategy, or build the leadership capability to lead effective change and transformation, we succeed. For example:

  • Halving the time required for major change programmes while doubling productivity
  • Increasing new business revenue by 50% and increasing assets by 31%
  • Resolving a US$5 Billion global inventory, supply chain and channel partner change problem
  • Reducing resource expenditure on projects by 60% through the elimination of unaligned work
  • Winning industry awards for quality and effectiveness of service.

To track progress and assess value added, we will develop personalised measures of success with you to ensure your return on investment.  Such measures define success as seen through the eyes of the key stakeholders and we use these measures to derive a project dashboard that covers the relationship between Tozer Consulting and you the Client, stakeholder reaction, learning, ‘new methods’ application and adoption, ‘second order effects’ and business impact.  The overall measurement process follows the sequence shown.   Participant feedback and our impact may be measured using stakeholder online surveys, interviews and ROI case studies captured as a result of application coaching and application workshops.


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