Guaranteed Impact: Qualitative and Quantitative Return on Investment

We know that our approach works and that our expertise adds value — as do our clients — and we are ready to put our money where our mouth is.

We will guarantee to meet agreed joint measures of success through jointly agreed actions, and we will link our fees to these measures.  In most types of engagements this can include achieving a financial return well in excess of your investment in fees — a return in terms of money, resources and time saved, revenue generated, productivity and profit increased and so on.  We are happy to discuss this in more detail.

Our case studies of success will build your confidence that when we partner with a client to develop or execute strategy, or build the leadership capability to lead effective change and transformation, we succeed.

These results are typical of our impact.  Some of these examples are written up as case studies and published with clients' permission in the book "Leading Through Leaders".

  • Reduced the actual multi-million $ spend v planned budget of an internetworking company customer technical service division by 60% while increasing customer satisfaction and winning 2 industry awards.
  • Doubled the productivity of a bank’s capital financing division in nine months at the same time as more than halving the two year anticipated time for this major change.  Multi-skilling achieved and staff morale increased.
  • $272 million of annual savings identified for a technology company through customer service process improvements – within four months.
  • Solved an “unsolvable” $5 billion global supply chain, inventory and channel partner “business model change  problem” for an internet working vendor in four months.
  • In eight months, an hotel chain’s bookings increased by 50%, customer satisfaction doubled, and QA audit accuracy was raised from 48% to 97%.  Head office staffing was reduced by 25%, annual consultancy spend was reduced by 88% while simultaneously raising morale and reducing staff turnover.  After 18 months, revenue doubled and franchisee satisfaction trebled.
  • After six months,  new business written for the commercial customer division of a bank more than doubled, assets grew by more than 31%. Cost to income ratio remained under 30%, ROE exceeded 36%.  Leadership was strengthened, time freed up for strategic work, a healthy internal competitive  spirit was developed together with a structure that enabled rapid and uninhibited communication flow and effective, timely decisions.  

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