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Our approach to leadership development has been proven to deliver real and immediate business impact time and time again.  These results are typical and some are written up as published case studies in "Leading Through Leaders".

Doubled the productivity of Capital Finance service level agreement in nine months at the same time as more than halving the two year anticipated time for this major change.”  Mike Begg, HBOS/Capital Finance

Reduced Cisco Systems TAC Web project investment by 60% through the elimination of unaligned work over six months while increasing customer satisfaction and winning two industry awards”  Janet Ramey.

Solved a year old “unsolvable” $5 billion supply chain and business model change 'problem' for a major internetworking vendor in six weeks.”

In 8 months, bookings at Best Western Hotels increased by 50%, customer satisfaction doubled, and QA audit accuracy was raised from 48% to 97%. Annual consultancy spend reduced by 88%. After 12 months, revenue up by 25%.”  Rob Anderson, CEO.

Rethinking Leadership Development

Execution speed, quality of output, and business reputation, depend upon engaged, committed teams with clarity and ownership of ‘what, why, who, how, where and when’, and exemplary leaders to follow.  Execution requires leaders to trust their teams and leverage their expertise, to support, coach and develop people, and to give them licence to display their initiative.  We have re-thought leadership development and we guarantee that our programmes will provide a demonstrable return well in excess of your investment.

Over 20 years, we have proven the effectiveness of this approach to leadership development.  Our development programmes are tailored in content and delivery methodology designed to suit your specific organizational needs and objectives.  We frequently find that participants’ desire to learn and the consequent impact of our programmes is substantially enhanced if a leadership assessment or development centre is conducted immediately before our first module.  This particularly applies to Executives and Senior Managers; real time feedback on 'preferred behaviour' and its impact (on people and task) is key to creating a desire to learn, develop and change behaviour.

Our holistic ‘solutions’ integrate the development of the three components of leadership ability: what, how and thought.  Initiatives are tailored to suit your specific organizational needs and objectives and observe these fundamental principles:

  • Awareness: Creation of the need and desire to learn and develop.
  • Action learning of new tools, methods, knowledge and behaviours co-facilitated by senior leaders and programme alumni — with opportunities for practice, reflection and action planning throughout the programme, and coached application of new tools to ‘live’ issues during and after the programme.  In most of our clients, our work starts with developing leaders' ability to create clarity and emotional engagement and that usually leads into a strategy clarification/review workshop —but not always.  Our modules are designed to meet your requirements and reflect the leadership that you have identified as needed. 
  • Anchoring and embedding of new methods and behaviour through alumni leaders’ example, alumni networks, internal ‘case studies ROI’ reward and recognition, online resources, process and systems consulting support and so on.

In all cases we maintain a practical focus and build confidence in new ideas and tools through the provision of opportunities for practise and supported/coached application at work – it is this support for the initial application of learning that is vital in order to realise training value and a return on investment (ROI).

This is the Experiential, Conceptual and Applied Virtuous Learning Circle that underpins every session of every module of every programme.



I wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know I appreciate the work you did last week. It was quite an eye-opening experience. At first it was a bit de-motivating to see how far I have to go but in retrospect it was exactly what I needed. I was going through the materials this morning to pull out my lessons learned and to use as a basis for discussion with my mentor and thought I’d let you know I haven’t just filed this away. So far I have seen incredible results by utilizing some very basic models that you all presented. It’s amazing the ideas that spring up when you leverage your entire team. I think the fact that the models are so simple is what makes them so powerful. I’m even using these in my personal life when I deal with my wife and daughter and can see a positive change in our interaction. I’m thoroughly enjoying the change”. Jeff White, Manager, Regional Sales, Cisco USA


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