Uniquely Effective

We have much that makes us uniquely effective in improving strategy execution, organizational leadership capability and business results.  

We exemplify the paradox of discipline and freedom: the discipline of clear-thinking enabling timely and effective action.

The photographs on this page convey the rigour with which we have thought through ‘leadership, strategy, execution and change’; and the leadership and action-orientation with which we approach its development and practical application within our clients.

Our other key characteristics and differentiators are:

  • Our guarantee of success.  We are confident that we, and our clients, will succeed on any project that we take the lead in designing and delivering.
  • Our credibility — ‘proof it works’ (see our case studies).  We have a track record of over 20 years of adding real and measurable value to clients.
  • Our leadership and organization effectiveness concepts and development methodology — no fads, panaceas or false hopes, just rigorous, sensitive and intelligent application of enduring ‘first principles’ and rigorously developed intellectual property which is the foundation of an MSc that we designed.
  • Our global reach — we have delivered large-scale, complex projects around the world (touching 3,500 managers and executives for one client).  This includes establishing 11 semi-permanent leadership L&D centres in Asia, USA, and Europe.  These centres are staffed with a mix of our locally-based associates, our mobile client service directors and subject matter experts, and trained client internal consultants, alumni and champions.
  • Our transfer of expertise to ensure client independence and solution sustainability.  We pride ourselves on the ‘stickiness’ of our ‘solutions’.  By the very nature of our underpinning leadership philosophy, by practising what we preach, and by truly partnering with our clients to develop ‘programme alumni and client internal consultants’ into full Tozer Consulting client project team members, our impact —or legacy— is a unique, embedded, ‘owned’, and durable solution which continuously evolves and adapts to meet your on-going needs and future challenges.  

The transfer of expertise may include:

  • Coaching in application to ensure adoption, measure ROI and create real-time case studies to enhance future L&D
  • Initiating projects and overseeing project leadership and delivery.
  • Training and coaching alumni to cascade and co-facilitate the learning to others
  • Developing your internal consulting expertise
  • Developing your wider training, facilitation and coaching expertise
  • Creating the desire to change, learn and develop
  • Planning, preparation and delivery of learning and development  (inc establishing temporary L&D centres worldwide with local consultant, coach and actor support)

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To discuss your organization’s leadership of strategy execution, please contact Jeremy Tozer:

Telephone: +44 (0)208 1446 929
Email: jeremy.tozer @ tozerconsulting.com
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