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What CEOs say about “Leading Through Leaders: Driving Strategy, Execution and Change”

Jeremy asked me to review this book after he heard me speak at a business breakfast.  I was flattered, and I was also hesitant — time is precious. However my attention was captured after reading just a few pages.  What Jeremy has to say is intuitively sensible, clearly practical and well-proven, and much of it resonates instantaneously.  Good leaders do much of what Jeremy says instinctively, it’s not rocket science; but we often don’t articulate it.  Having it stripped of fads, then structured, simplified and explained so clearly – codified if you like – makes it possible not only to ‘keep doing it better’ but more importantly to have a framework for concurrently developing both other leaders and your organization.

I love Jeremy’s analysis of coaching and building teams – I have learned why certain things work and why others haven’t in the past.  I especially buy into Jeremy’s exploration of morale and building confidence —it is so important to create both intellectual and emotional commitment, to be convincing and to create belief ‘that it will be alright’.  Not all leaders feel as I do, but in my case I have learned that in order to be convincing I need to be convinced.  Jeremy shows how to achieve this for yourself and for those you lead.  For ‘action oriented’ leaders prone to impulsive decisions, Jeremy provides the thought process which rather than slow things down, can speed things up.

I have the greatest admiration for the Army and I respect its approach to leadership.  But more than that I am intrigued by how it develops individual leadership, yet systemically integrates it to get so many people pointing in the same direction, with such clear commitment, doing things so effectively in such short order.  Execution is where so many organizations fall down. It has always been my experience that an OK strategy well executed delivers better results than a perfect strategy that is badly executed.   By taking some military principles and changing the manner of their application, there are clearly lessons for all of us in civvy street to learn from the green machine.

I enjoyed reading Jeremy’s manuscript; and you won’t be disappointed with this book.”

Fru Hazlitt, Managing Director, ITV Commercial and Online

Translating the rigorous thinking behind, and practice of, military leadership, mission command and decision-making into a civilian context is not easy.  Yet these proven, robust and adaptable methods and principles which focus activity and secure commitment are equally relevant to business and public sector organizations when leaders’ adapt the style of their application.   I commend the comprehensive manner in which Jeremy uses his experience in both the military and civilian work environments to generate intelligent analysis, and to provide effective and useful pointers to assist enterprises and their leaders in commerce, industry and the broader civilian environment to become more effective.”

Lt Gen Andrew Graham CB CBE, Director Research Foundation, General Dynamics and former Director General Defence Academy of the United Kingdom.

Jeremy Tozer has done it again! Tozer’s work on leadership, strategy and execution is rigorous, insightful and completely free of fads. His analysis is based on personal experience and careful observation of some of history’s most outstanding leaders and the organizations that they have built. The book has a depth rarely found in other texts and applies to the simplest supervision of work through to the complex and sometimes morally challenging situations leaders find themselves in. Tozer’s work is thorough and crystal clear in describing and showing how to be a better ‘individual leader’, while simultaneously developing the organization and its ‘collective leadership capability’ – the ultimate purpose of which is to build an agile, engaged and systemically- and dynamically-aligned organization which delivers improved business performance.

This is in my opinion the most complete and lucid work on leadership I have read. Instructive and compelling reading. It really is the best I have read, bar none.”

Rob Anderson, Chief Executive, Best Western Australasia

Leading Through Leaders will help you improve your business results by overcoming the challenges of uncertainty, complexity, decision making, effective communication, and employee engagement.  Based on Tozer’s 27 years of leadership and consulting experience, Leading Through Leaders is illustrated with quantified case studies, lessons and insights from enterprises such as Cisco, Best Western, Philips, ABN Amro, Pfizer, MCI, Oracle, Procter & Gamble, Higher Education and the NHS.

Leading Through Leaders presents an integrated suite of proven, durable and scalable principles and tools, together with the psychology of leadership, for adaptation and application by any leader in order to develop ‘the ACE conditions for success’ at every level —Ability, Clarity, Environment.  These methods have been successfully adopted by leaders in the UK, USA, Australasia, Singapore, India, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, the EU, Tanzania and South Africa.

A third of the book is focused on ‘collective leadership’ as a strategic capability which creates the ‘meaningful clarity’ at every level needed for effective strategy execution: an adaptable suite of common business-friendly ‘mission-focused, effects-based leadership practices' to ensure dynamic alignment and integration of activity and authority commensurate with accountability, together with simultaneous employee engagement.  A third addresses the environment —organization structure, identity, ethos and culture, and leaders’ style and example; a third is focussed on developing individual ability (skills, behaviour and emotional intelligence) —both the leader’s own and others’ with the leader as coach.

Our philosophy is derived from the British Military Doctrine of ‘Mission Command’ and starts with a common, clear and meaningful understanding of the organization’s vision, aspirations and purpose.  Once this is clear, then every department, team and individual needs to understand and own their role in achieving it.  The key to effective execution is dynamic alignment, adaptation and engagement at every level.  The proven mechanism for this is the iterating, recurring, cascading, self-correcting and scalable cycle of the leadership practices of mission analysis and the appreciation, planning and briefing.  At every level, this rigorous, time-effective approach promotes clear thinking and initiative.  It clarifies objectives and priorities, and adapts plans to match progress and changed circumstances —creating dynamic alignment—while simultaneously engaging hearts and minds and instilling a sense of accountability.

Leadership of the ‘thought process’ drives alignment, facilitation of the ‘social process’ engages people and secures commitment and accountability to deliver impressive business performance, proven in the book’s case studies.

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