On large programmes, we develop our client’s internal consulting, coaching, facilitation and training capability to assist with embedding ‘the solution’. We also use locally-based associate consultants, coaches and actors to assist in programme delivery and post programme ‘adoption and application’ work. Programmes are led by our core team of Directors and subject matter experts who ensure the maintenance of consistency and quality, and ‘local’ relevance.

While we have a very strong conceptual foundation from which we approach our work, as ever it is the skill, professionalism, commitment and behaviour of the individual consultant that is ‘the difference that makes a difference’ to our clients. That is why we have such strong, enduring professional and personal relationships with our clients and programme participants.

We have a diverse range of backgrounds and experience yet are united by a common purpose and a passion for our work.

I am proud of the quality of our people and equally proud that they have chosen to work with Tozer Consulting.

By the very nature of our underpinning leadership philosophy, by practising what we preach, and by partnering with our clients to turn ‘programme alumni and others into full Tozer Consulting client project team members, our impact —or legacy— is a unique, embedded, ‘owned’, durable and lasting solution which continuously evolves and adapts to meet your needs.

Jeremy Tozer

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