Flavours of Coaching

Our 1:1 coaching service has several flavours: coaching in the application of tools and concepts (skills and knowledge)  to live tasks and problems; coaching in personal/leadership behaviour development, issues resolution and ‘career direction’ coaching. 

The latter two are always at a time and (virtual) place of the coachee’s choosing with a person with whom some ‘chemistry’ exists as a result of our other work.

Coaching in the application of skills and knowledge  may be delivered in the same way as personal coaching or through collective coaching workshops or drop-in ‘coaching clinics’ –the coach is on-site for a day or more and coachees (often programme alumni) book a convenient time slot.  This is a powerful way to ensure the application of training, create case studies to enhance future L&D activities, and demonstrate ROI on the L&D intervention.

Our leadership coaching may be focused on:

  • The application of ‘leadership concepts, tools and processes’ to specific tasks, challenges and opportunities
  • Effective, authentic yet adaptable leadership style and communication and emotional intelligence
  • Confidence building
  • Rehearsals for briefings, negotiations and presentations
  • Personal development and personal presence

Our coaches are all highly experienced and talented experts who are members of various professional bodies (there is no one ‘master accrediting coaching body’ yet — but we have designed the coaching element of an MSc in Leadership!).  Our lead coach is a well qualified supervisor of other coaches and their coaching activity.


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