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Defining Leadership Ability

Ability is a mix of skills and knowledge, applied with appropriate yet authentic and emotionally intelligent behaviour and attitude, and the ‘right’ level of intellectual horsepower for the level of work complexity faced. There is also one additional and essential ingredient that leaders require: an innate desire to lead and be responsible for people and their outputs.

We will help you to define the leadership that you require at each level of leadership work in 'observable terms' that facilitate assessment and development.

All too often people are hired on skill and knowledge (it’s easy to assess, and it’s teachable) and then fired on behaviour and attitude (which is less easy to develop than skill or knowledge).  We would suggest that effective assessment prior to appointment circumvents this problem.  See what our clients say, and look at our results.

We help you to assess, train, develop, coach and gain optimal returns from your leadership talent and through that develop your workforce’s ability (which includes their engagement), your workforce’s clarity (effective understanding of tasks, priorities, plans, roles, and so on), and your workforce’s working environment (leaders’ example, structure, processes and systems, etc).  We help your leaders to create the ACE conditions for your organization’s success (which may be measured).





'What'       Leadership skill and knowledge, which may be ‘taught’, this may includes but is not limited to:

  • Problem-solving and decision-making, planning and briefing
  • Strategy execution principles and practices
  • Programme and project leadership
  • Leading change and transformation
  • Organization design to enable leaders to lead
  • Building and maintaining high performing teams
  • Motivation, human behaviour and emotional intelligence
  • Leadership style and authentic leadership behaviour
  • Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution
  • Coaching, feedback and performance management
  • Recruitment and selection interviewing

'How'        Authentic leadership behaviour and attitude (aka ‘emotional intelligence’), is n't readily 'taught', but may be nurtured and developed over time through coaching, feedback and reflection.  We develop 'executive presence' with our coaches and partners from the world of theatre and performance.

'Thought'   Leadership intellect – or the capability to work with complexity, which matures with stretching experiences.

In developing leaders and leadership, we adhere to these time-honoured and well-proven principles:

  • Creation, promotion and maintenance of the desire to learn and develop (at both the individual and organizational levels).
  • Thorough preparation and planning of contextualised, bespoke and progressive collective and individualised learning – this enables flexibility and adaptability to deliver unique, relevant ‘journeys’ for each cohort yet achieve common capability-building objectives.
  • Common, clear and consistent language and a ‘leadership philosophy’, tailored to your needs.
  • Consistency of criteria used in selection, development and evaluation.
  • Confirmation that learning has been assimilated and ROI achieved.

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