Bespoke Initiatives: Co-Created With You

Everything we do is tailored to meeting your specific needs (however we are careful to separate ‘genuine needs’ from ‘wants disguised as needs’).  In this way we create value for you in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

This includes our consulting approach, the depth of our diagnostic research,and the  questioning and listening that builds relationships and understanding.  

We co-create a bespoke solution with you that harnesses our expertise, incisive and dispassionate questioning; and your ‘insider’ knowledge, understanding and industry expertise.

This in turn enables us to use the right approach pitched at the right level – what might be required for a large established multinational will very probably be quite inappropriate for a medium sized family enterprise or department of state!

No 'Chalk and Talk', No Pre-Recorded Script

If our work includes the delivery of leadership L&D what you won’t get is a branded generic product with a trainer unable to deviate from an inflexible script and teaching style.  When we deliver training and education, we lead a process with a defined ‘end state’ (the learning objectives) and we impart knowledge and skill, and concurrently develop behaviour and attitude in a way that suits the participant group and their mood at that point in the programme.  

We expect our consultant-facilitators to understand the material that they deliver inside out from personal experience; and to have at their fingertips multiple ways to enable understanding of the same idea ― they select the best option to suit the needs, pace and mood of a particular participant group at that moment in that programme.

So when we roll out a bespoke programme to an audience of say 1,500 mid-level leaders in a client across Asia, not only is the base programme bespoke, but so is the actual manner of the delivery of each and every iteration to each and every cohort. However, the impact, adoption and application will be consistent.  Success is guaranteed.

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