About Us 

For twenty years, Jeremy Tozer and his team of colleagues (too numerous to list) have pioneered building leadership and strategy execution capability in organizations —enterprise-wide leadership as the enabler of change, agility, innovation, continuous improvement and employee engagement; with learning and development integrated with strategy development and execution.


In simple terms, we enable leaders to lead through distributed leaders and shared leadership in a team of teams.  It is flattering that many of our ideas on 'the creation of clarity, alignment, and engagement' have now appeared in organizations who are not our clients!  We have worked extensively in North America, across Asia, Australasia, Europe and in Africa with a full range of public, private and third sector enterprises.

Where is Tozer Consulting Based?
We are based in the Reading, UK area; with associates around the UK, Australasia, Asia, USA and Europe.
Why choose Tozer Consulting?

There are many reasons to choose Tozer Consulting as your partner in leadership and organization effectiveness development.

Guaranteed Impact: Qualitative and Quantitative Return on Investment.  We know that our approach works and that our expertise adds value —as do our clients— and we are ready to put our money where our mouth is.  We will guarantee to meet agreed joint measures of success through jointly agreed actions, and we can link our fees to measures including a return in terms of money, resources and time saved, revenue generated, productivity increased and so on.  

Trusted Partner: Our case studies of success will build your confidence that when we partner with a client to develop or execute strategy, or build the leadership capability to lead effective change and transformation, we succeed.

Uniquely Effective: We have much that makes us uniquely effective in improving strategy execution, leadership capability and business performance:  

  • Our leadership and strategy execution and L&D conceptual foundations; no fads, panaceas or false hopes, just rigorous, sensitive and intelligent application of enduring ‘first principles’. 

  • We focus on application, making the 70% and 20% work, not just optimising the 10%.

  • We integrate strategy/change work with L&D, we advocate learning in complete leadership teams to apply common tools to common issues while also building team relationships, and so on. 

  • We transfer expertise to make clients self-sufficient and not dependent on us.

  • We practise what we preach; we apply what we teach to the design and delivery of our client projects.

  • We keep fees low but may scale as needed ; we have delivered large-scale, complex projects around the world (touching 2,500 managers and executives for one client).  This includes establishing 11 semi-permanent leadership L&D centres in Asia, USA, and Europe.  These centres are staffed with a mix of our locally-based associates, our mobile subject matter experts, and trained client internal consultants, ‘alumni’ and champions.

Armed Forces Covenant

Jeremy Tozer is a former soldier as are some of our team of associates.  He supports the Armed Forces in various ways including the provision of consultancy support and advice to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Joint Services Command and Staff College and the Centre for Army Leadership.

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